1. Forged Steel Grinding Balls

      Our product has precise size, high roundness, high hardness and mechanical properties. It is resistant to abrasion, and won't deform and crack. That can be fully shown from the aspects of high overall hardness, high surface hardness of up to 57HRC to 67HRC, high volume hardness as large as 56HRC to 64HRC, uniform hardness distribution, high impact toughness of greater than 12J/cm², low breakage rate, peel fragmentation resistance property of over 20000 times, and the actual breakage rate not greater than 1% and close to 0.

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    1. Cast Iron Grinding Balls

      The chromium content of the high chromium type product is greater than or equal to 10.0%. And the carbon content is between 1.80% and 3.20%. It is required by the national standard that the hardness of the high chromium type product must be no less than 58HRC, and that the impact value should be greater than or equal to 3.0J/cm². This type of product must go through the hot quenching and the tempering treatment to come up to the hardness.

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    1. Steel Grinding Rod

      The newly developed product is characterized by low wear, unique chemical composition, high hardness of 45HRC to 55HRC, and strong toughness. Meanwhile, via the quenching and high temperature tempering treatment, the internal stress is removed. The product has good straightness, and won't break, bend and come out with two tapering ends. Its comprehensive effect is 1.5 to 2 times of that of the round bar steel. The economic benefit is much in evidence.

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Steel Grinding Ball Manufacturer

Satisfy all of your grinding and milling requirements with our wear-resistant steel grinding rods and cast/forged steel grinding balls. HUAMIN Steel Ball - performance you can trust.
Inaugurated in 1986, we are now headquartered within the East Industrial Park of Zhangqiu city, Jinan province. 1993 marked the start of our decade-long joint venture with a reputable South Korean company. In 2004 we restructured into a stock corporation. The present day HUAMIN is a mature enterprise with nearly 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of steel grinding balls and rods. Our modern facilities are distributed over a span of over ... >> More

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